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bawc making a difference

From chatting to people in the local community and paying a little extra attention to the support that people need during the coronavirus crisis, food care packages are providing hearty meals and happy faces.



I’ve been helping out in my community in Bury for many years doing lots of different things, everything from Citizens Advice to helping people who live close by with their food shopping. Earlier this year, when I saw how people were struggling due to coronavirus, I set-up Fusion Food through Bury Asian Women’s Centre.


Bury Food Bank

The Bury food bank that means people will no longer have to choose between their beliefs and feeding their families.Many families have been fighting to make ends meet during lockdown, as businesses have shut down, places of work have closed and services become overwhelmed with people suddenly in need.


BAME Fusion Foodbank

Burys’ Fusion Foodbank caters to BAME community’s culinary needs and keeps people connected during lockdown. Bury Asian Women’s Centre now offers the local community a taste of home thanks to their food delivery service, which provides culturally appropriate meals for members of the BAME community, providing comfort and helping to reduce feelings of loneliness.


BAWC Four-year project

BURY Asian Women’s Centre is celebrating the success of an innovative four-year project which has also benefited men and children.