Promoting Health & Wellbeing

We are continuously promoting health and wellbeing activities and consultation events.

We arrange weekly Exercise and Health Eating Cookery classes at local community venues.

Women are able to take part in Focus Groups addressing Mental Health and Parenting issues and participants are provided with information and resource packs.

We also help run a weekly arts and crafts session, which enables local women to gain positive wellbeing.

The Health Worker delivers 6 week Wellbeing Courses around self-care and personal development specifically for women from the hard to reach communities.

The Health Worker regularly attends meetings and seminars regarding future developments of the Government and NHS including Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health Watch and the Health and Wellbeing Board. This is to ensure we are updated on all related issues that will affect the communities we work with

Woman exercising at home
Fit woman running

South Asian Mental Health

We are one of the four organisations that make up the South Asian Mental Health Cluster. Working closely with the Co-ordinator, to highlight and identify mental health issues in the BAME community. This has included arranging consultation events, promoting World Mental Health Day, raising awareness about dementia and also facilitating focus groups.

Our main aim is to empower local women to become volunteers at the centre, in order to be involved in the running of activities.  This will allow them to gain skills and also encourage community involvement, social responsibility and sustainability.

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