Advocacy & Representation

Advocacy & Representation

Our advocacy services are independent and confidential, available for service users. At BAWC we have a strong commitment to empowering and enabling them to stand up for themselves, and to be heard.

Our specialists who offer an independent service that empowers and ensures that service users have their voice heard, that their choices are valued, and their rights are exercised.

They will represent and put across the service user views, convey their priorities, exercise their rights, and enable them to take decisions in matters most important to them and that can influence their lives in the here-and-now and in their future.

We do not judge, enforce personal opinions or take decisions on an individual’s behalf, but serves as an independent entity working solely in an individual’s best interests.

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How do Advocates work with you?

We Listen

The best part of an advocacy service is that you have access to a qualified professional who listens to you and understands what you may be experiencing without being judgemental.  We offer a listening ear, someone to talk to, freely about any fears or concerns, without being judged. Your issues, questions and concerns will be taken seriously and we will advocate, speak up, on your behalf with other professionals, carers and services that currently have a role in decision making about your life.

We Empower

We can empower you to feel more in control of your life by giving you accurate information about your rights, responsibilities and opportunities. We can help you access information to help you to understand your rights. We can contact existing and new contacts on your behalf and we can ask questions or research information and resources that will help you to make decisions.

This invaluable support that we offer will enable you to understand, safeguard, and work towards realising your desired goals. This empowerment can help you to make well-informed decisions and realise your choices.

We Have An Objective View

An independent advocacy service is an invaluable partner as it works independently and objectively for you. An advocate works with the sole aim of protecting your interests.

The people that we support are those at risk of being marginalised or stigmatised by society.