Welcome to Bury Active Womens Centre

Bury Asian Women’s Centre is a non-profit registered charity based in Bury which was set up in 1996. BAWC is also known as Bury Active Women Centre (our working name). BAWC has been providing a high quality service to the Women in Bury for the last 24 years.

BAWC takes a holistic approach in addressing inequalities that impact on the lives of women. Social, recreational, educational, training support and activities are provided for women in a culturally safe and sensitive environment.

Our Mission Statement

BAWC inspires to raise the quality of life for all women regardless of their diverse backgrounds.

We will create new opportunities and skills through the advancement of education, employment, training and volunteering.

We will improve their health and well-being by providing culturally sensitive and socially integrated services.

We maintain that women are equal and will work towards eliminating gender discrimination and empowering women by providing support, advice, assistance and advocacy on behalf of those who cannot enable their own rights.

Attunne with Key Issues

BAWC are attune with the key issues facing women in Bury and thus are able to cater tailor made activities to meet their specific needs of the community in a culturally sensitive environment.

Strong Networks

BAWC has good links with external independent and governmental agencies.


BAWC has 24 years of experience of working within the community and therefore has developed excellent links and strong relationships within the BAME communities in Bury.

Innovative Approach

BAWC are innovative and are able to meet the needs of women across generations.

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Our Objectives

To empower women, enabling them to easily access advice, information, education and training.

To provide accessible training and education services for Asian women, which is accredited wherever possible.

To promote communication and provide a forum for discussion of key topics and issues and to raise awareness of issues concerning the BME community.

To promote community cohesion within the BME community and the wider community.

Reaching those who are socially excluded due to language, culture or unemployment barriers.

To promote good race relations in Bury by endeavouring to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of race or sex and encouraging equality of opportunity between persons of different racial background.

To promote healthy living of Asian women and to deliver health services in a setting that is culturally and religiously appropriate.